About Sagycon

bullseyeSagycon is dedicated to increasing the performance of our clients. We do that primarily by offering information, analyses and business development services. In these challenging times, it is of paramount to be efficient and yet secure the best possible quality. Reflection and looking at known issues from new perspectives is important, but there is little time available to do so in the daily operation. That is why getting some outside help can be a good decision. Sagycon can offer that help, with various competencies:

  • strategic advice and boardroom consulting
  • business development
  • internationalization, specifically related to North America and Europe
  • guidance and hands-on assistance in complex sales cycles
  • marketing and marketing communication

We have extensive experience in public safety & national security, emergency management, healthcare, and energy & utility markets. Our technical expertise concentrates on geographical information systems, analytics, and mobile communication. Knowing how to do it is only the first step towards achievement. Sound execution is what defines success. Hence our motto know how & act now.

An extended network of experts on many topics is available to us whenever needed. We developed this ecosystem with care over the past 25 years. Knowledge, reliability, and continuity are the properties of the organizations and the people that constitute it. We can use the resources within the network if necessary, and only with your consent, to provide specific skills or knowledge.

Sagycon’s services are not commodities. Above all, we strive to understand our clients and the challenges they face in-depth. Only then we can provide the services that will help you meet these challenges. And it goes without saying that we always operate in confidentiality.